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The resume has changed and you need to know how...and what to do about it to bring yours into the digital age!

Way back when, you could put down your few bits of experience, education and personal interests on a piece of paper and probably land a job.

Not so anymore.

Today, most resumes are scanned by automatic tracking systems, looking for specific keywords appropriate to the position being offered. If they don't spot those words in your resume, you're out. You'll never get the interview. 

With that in mind, I offer the latest and in my opinion, the best materials, on and offline, to help you create the best resume (and other important materials like your LinkedIn profile) you can, not only to look good, but to please those tracking systems.

Books (Most are available on
(Pertinent websites at end of this list)

The first book on the list is a bit quirky, but I highly recommend it. It's up to date, a different approach, and a kind of in-your-face approach to resumes and other online job search materials.

F*ck Your Resume - The Revolutionary Guide to Getting Hired in the Digital Age - Jeremy Dillahunt (2016, Sonoma Press) Highly recommended
"The Internet really has changed the landscape of recruiting and job seeking..." Indeed. You may never have to use a hard copy resume again after you read this. 

The second highly recommended book is a bit older, but still a relevant, informative read:

Break the Rules: The Secret Code for Finding a Great Job Fast - William A. Cohen (2001, Prentice Hall Press)
From the back cover: "A great resume? More likely to hurt your job search than help it." Tantalizing, eh? 

These are more conventional, but nearly anything in the resume/cover letter category by Wendy Enelow will be a good read. So, here are just a couple to start with:

Best Keywords (2nd Ed.) for Resumes, Letters, and Interviews - Wendy S. Enelow, Louise Kursmark (2016, Impact Publications)
From the introduction: "When you use the 'right' keywords--words that are appropriate to you, your career, your industry and experience--you convey that you have the specific qualifications employers are looking for. You position yourself as a knowledgeable insider, and you make it easy for employers to understand where you fit into their organization." Highly recommended

Modernize Your Resume - Wendy Enelow, Louise Kursmark (2016, Emerald Career Publishing)
From the introduction: "Resume writing is not a formulaic process, and there are no rules. That's why this book is so valuable, helping you navigate your way through the complexities of all that is involved in creating a resume that will help get you noticed." Highly recommended

The Overnight Resume - Donald Asher (2011,Ten Speed Press)

The Quick Resume and Cover Letter Book - Michael Farr (2011, Jist Works)

The Federal Resume Guide Book, 6th Ed. - Kathryn Kraemer Troutman (2016, Jist Works)

Military-to-Civilian Career Transition - Janet I. Farley (2010, Jist Works)

The Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide - Carl S. Savino (2011, Impact Publications)

The Ex-Offender's Job Interview Guide - Caryl and Ron Krannich (2009, Impact Publishing)

Resume Magic - Susan Britton Whitcomb (2010, Jist Works)

Creating Your First Resume - Kathryn Troutman (2016, Federal Career Training Institute) Highly recommended

(Knock 'Em Dead Series) Resumes, 9th Ed. - Martin Yate (2016, Adams Media)

If you want to be led by the hand through the resume process, this might be for you.

Step by Step Resumes: Building Outstanding Resumes in 10 Easy Steps, 2nd Ed. - Evelyn U. Salvador (2011, Jist Works) "Fill in the blanks, check the boxes and you're done." CD included. Lots of great Step by Step books by this author on

Some special books that may assist you:

It's good to know a bit about the employer's side of things. Here are two titles that will enlighten you. Your keyword choices may change after you understand the future boss a little better...

(Knock 'Em Dead Series) Hiring the Best - Martin Yate (2014, Adams Media)

75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees - Paul Falcone (2016, AMACom) Highly recommended

Finally, communication skills are essential. Here's a book that can help you brush up on what I am sure are already great communication skills. (It never hurts to brush up, right?) 

The Secrets of Successful Communication Skills - Kevin T. McCarney (2011, O'Connell House)
Pt 1 - Preparing for effective communications
Pt 2 - Encountering the moment
Pt 3 - Recognizing opportunities in the moment
Pt 4 - Applying the seven principles of Big Brain communication:
  • Stay aware of the legacy of the moment
  • Keep your Big Brain in control
  • Choose the correct tone
  • Choose the correct words
  • Choose the right time
  • Accept responsibility
  • Use power wisely.


CAUTION: These are just a few of the hundreds of sites on creating your resume. Don't be fooled into spending a large amount of money to get your resume done by an 'expert.' You can do it yourself for practically no money. And today, along with your LinkedInProfile*, you can create an online resume that can easily be printed out if you need it on paper. 


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