How YOU Can Nail the Job Interview

Those who hire have one thing in mind, long before you grace them with your presence:

"Will this person save me money, make me money, or break the bank?

You can prepare a smashing resume, a grand cover letter, even a smart portfolio. Still, it will be the Interview that determines your chances of getting the position, job, or contract. 

The person who is sitting across the desk from you, the table in the coffee shop, or even the other seat on the private jet is sizing you up, and has been since you entered their space. What are you presenting? 

What's in this for me, they think....
Have you taken the time to analyze the company and even the interviewer before you showed up? Do you have a grasp on their products, services, or whatever it is they do? 

Remember, they want to know that you have considered THEIR needs, that you want to be a valuable resource for THEIR business. If you can get them to feel, and to know, that you want the best for them, they will be less likely to automatically shut you out. They've been burned before, sometimes badly.

With that, here are some pointers on how to connect, impress, and achieve your aims and goals in the Interview and beyond.
  1. Research your interviewer and his/her company
  2. Create a common bond, even with receptionists and assistants
  3. Match your strengths and skills to their needs
  4. Make sure you focus on them, not just on yourself
  5. Plan your presentation thoroughly (See common interview questions below)
  6. Understand that they will form an impression of you within seconds. Still, be yourself while dressing for success
  7. Like it or not, you're more than just a job seeker; you're a sales person and an actor, too. So...
  8. Prepare and prepare some more
  9. Rehearse and rehearse again, again, again (I can help you with that)
  10. Finish strong, send thank you notes, follow up, and finally....

(If you live in the Portland metro area and need prep and rehearsal assistance. I can help. Connect with me: Richard Kent Matthews,  

Common Interview Questions (Standard Interview):
  • Why do you want to work for us? (Be clear and thorough about this!)
  • Do you prefer working with others or on your own? (This may be a trick question to see if you're a team player.)
  • Why did you leave your previous job? (Be honest here. They WILL find out the truth.)
  • At your last job, what was your most significant accomplishment? How did your company benefit from your time with them? (They're looking for specifics and details. Be prepared in advance. More is better than less.)
  • What were your greatest challenges at your last job? (On this one, turn any negative into a positive. But don't lie.)
  • Tell us about your leadership abilities. (You ARE a leader, right?)
  • What are your greatest strengths? (Stay within the confines of your professional abilities, not your personal ones, unless they fit your career path, or they ask specifically for that information. Then, be cautious, but again, honest.)
  • What kind of training have you had that would qualify you for this position? (Be specific to the job for which you are applying.)
  • What does success mean to you? (Again, prepare for this question in advance. Apply it to your work and their company.)
They may well ask other questions such as 'What are your long term career goals?' or 'How would you handle interpersonal conflict in the workplace?' or 'Describe your managerial style', or 'Can you work under stress?

Sometimes, just to throw you, they'll ask off-the-wall questions like 'Who would you be if you could be any hero in Marvel Comics?' or 'What would you be doing now if you knew you couldn't fail?' They ask such questions usually to see if you can respond quickly and succinctly. Be ready.

Rehearsal is essential and powerful. If you're in the Portland, Oregon metro area, I am here to help you.     
Richard Kent Matthews -       

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