Your Power Interview Rehearsal Program

You've got the interview. But who will help you to rehearse? Family? Friends? Well, maybe, but they won't be honest enough with you. I will be as tough as necessary to help you be your best and sell your best to your new employer! 

You can be ready for your interview with ONE rehearsal:
  • First, an initial consultation to see what type of interview you need to rehearse. 
  • Then, we set up an actual interview, usually in a public place like a coffee shop, book store, etc. It's conducted like a real interview. You will dress the part, make sure your materials are in order, and arrive at the designated location on time and ready to share, and sell, your best.
  • If you need to review the set of interview questions beforehand, I will provide them for you. 
  • After, we will review the interview together. 
  • If you need further rehearsal, we can then set up the next appointment. It's that simple.

Types of Interviews
  • Standard/Traditional, professional grade
  • Case (Management consulting)
  • Executive/CEO, including non profit
  • Sales management
  • Medical school
  • Coding interviews: I don't do these as they are way too technical. I do recommend that you read Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Ed. by Gayle Laakmann McDowell (2016, CareerCup LLC - 
Free initial consultation. Rehearsal session fee: $125 up. (Includes two full interview rehearsals if necessary, and complete written evaluation.)

You can set up your initial free consultation appointment 
by calling 503-329-8610 or emailing your contact info to me now at

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Does practice really make perfect? Maybe, maybe not. But it'll put you WAY ahead of the competition.

Your future employer will make an immediate judgment of you from the first moment you meet. Will it be a great impression, or a flub? You can help make certain it's no flub.

"I had a job interview at an insurance company once and the lady said, 'Where do you see yourself in five years?' and I said 'Celebrating the fifth-year anniversary of you asking me this question.'" Mitch Hedberg

You've found the right position/job; you've received an invitation to interview with the company/business/nonprofit. Are you ready? Do you know how the company operates? Have you done your homework? Have you prepared your strategy, built your narrativeWill you be able to convince them that you'll be an asset? And most important, will you 'fit' into their professional culture?  

They have been burned before. So, they're on guard! 

"You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you don't have a good pitch, no one's going to listen to you. Rehearsing the points you want your interviewer to take home with them isn't just a good idea; it's critical." Jeremy Dillahunt, F*ck Your Resume (2016)

What you need to do first
To present yourself at your best, you MUST FIRST BE A  SALESPERSON! And, nearly as important, you must be an actor. Authentic, but an actor nonetheless. Plus, you need a strategy. And practice. Lots of practice. Your career is at stake.

Your friends and family will never be fully truthful to you if you rehearse with them. They don't want to hurt your feelings.

I'll lead you through the entire interview process and be brutally honest with you. l'll guide you away from any self destructive patterns. 

Practice. Rehearsal. Preparation. And you're on your way to a successful interview. Will you get the job? That's up to you. But you will definitely make a great impression!




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