About Richard Kent Matthews

Short Version

I moved to Portland, Oregon, in 1988. As soon as possible in early 1989, I began my volunteering journey. To support myself, I also worked as: 

  • Data processor (Boring, left ASAP)
  • Professional private caregiver (Second best job ever)
  • Ordained minister (Seminary, not internet)
  • Certified pastoral counselor (Through Practicum)
  • Wedding officiant (Non denominational)
  • Singer (Yes, I actually got paid to sing!)
  • Professional writer (Freelance, business)
  • And eBook author, career coach, professional speaker, blogger

History Before Portland in a Very Brief Nutshell

Denver, 10 years

San Francisco, 2 years
Vancouver, BC, Canada, 3 years
Los Angeles, 7 years

Careers: Hair stylist and barber, data processing for steamship companies, banks, oil companies, and nonprofits, ordained minister(1993), certified pastoral counselor (1995), wedding officiant, public speaker, singer, professional writer, career coach, volunteer. 

Personal and Professional Mission:

To help you become your best so you can SELL your best to the world!  

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