Thursday, January 18, 2018

Job Interviews: What They REALLY Want to Know

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

Professional, poised, prepared. You are hired!

All jobs--ALL--have three things in common: 
  • To help the company increase profits
  • To help the company increase productivity
  • To help the company keep from going bankrupt.
If you can show them you're the right person to help them achieve those goals, you'll have more job offers than you can count.

With that in mind, before your next interview, take the time to think through and answer the following questions:
  1. Can you truly do the job? 
  2. Do you know what our company actually does?
  3. Are you motivated to take any necessary extra steps?
  4. Can you take direction? 
  5. Are you a team player?
  6. Are you professional--in appearance and action?
  7. Can you solve problems, sometimes BIG problems for us?
  8. Who are you?
The company is always nervous about new hires. It costs them a lot of money to hire someone and then have to let them go soon afterward. If you can prove to them that won't happen with you, it will be a big relief and you might become the star!

Remember this: Employers are often as on edge as you are about the interview. Help them relax. Show them you have the right stuff.

It will be the beginning of a great relationship. And who knows? You may one day be the boss. Then you get to conduct the interviews!

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