Monday, September 25, 2017

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Uncovering Our Ignorance on All Levels
Chapter 2: How to Open New Doors with Power Questions
Chapter 3: Examining Your Discontent
Chapter 4: What Do You REALLY Want? Acknowledging Your Desires, Especially the Hidden Ones
Chapter 5: Forgiveness: It's Probably Not What You Think
Chapter 6: Kindness: The Way of Active Compassion
Chapter 7: What Is Your Purpose in Life?
Chapter 8: Are You 'Called'?
Chapter 9: Mission: Your Action Plan
Chapter 10: Healing Your Corner of the World: The Principle of Charity--Putting It All Together Conclusion: The Newest You
Bonus A - Seven Steps to Power Living
Bonus A2 - Special Meditation
Bonus B - Your Keys to Better Relationships
Bonus C - What’s with the Law of Attraction?
Bonus D - The Healing Power of Humor
Bonus E - The Living Mural: An Artist Meets God in the Window Glass
Bonus F – How to Become a Good Receiver: Opening Your Heart, Mind, and Life to Authentic Treasure
Very Special Bonus: Free Full eBook – The Miracles in Your Midst - eBook
Part 1: Becoming Miracle Minded
Part 2: Intensifying Your Miracle Mind
More Special Bonuses