Thursday, February 23, 2017

Your Interviewer's Hidden Agenda and How to Spot It

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

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Are you aware that...

When you begin your new job interview, the person interviewing you will ask what seem like perfectly usual and normal questions:

  • Tell me about yourself...
  • What sort of degree do you have that would benefit this position/company...
  • How long were you at your last job...

And so on.

They seem innocent enough. And of course, you've prepared for just such questions. You've read all the books, right?


When they ask you ANY question, no matter how pertinent it may seem to the discussion, to the interview--even 'How's your day so far?--they're actually asking an entirely different question in their own mind. They're looking for clues.

Why would they do that?

One big reason:

What's in this for me?

They're not really thinking about you. In fact, the job of the initial interview is to weed out the riffraff*, so to speak. Those who don't meet a standard right off the bat. Even in dress, or breath, or tooth bend. Yes. Those things keep people out of the running more often than HR people or recruiters care to admit.

It's not necessarily fair, but that's the game, unfortunately.


You may not be able to get that tooth fixed before the interview, but you can improve your appearance, suck on a mint and...

You need to be armed with the inside scoop. You need to be aware of those hidden agendas, those silent questions.

Beginning Monday, February 27, 2017, here, on this post, I will share some tidbits with you that could change the way you do any further interviews. I'll share with you some of the questions really being asked of you. 

You can get a leg up on the interviewer. You can be armed with knowledge they don't know you have. And you can answer their real questions to their satisfaction. 

It may even shoot you to the top of their 'good' list and out of the 'riffraff' list. 

So don't miss it. Be here next Monday. 

You won't be disappointed.

*Riffraff: In interview-speak, anyone who doesn't last longer than the first impression.