Thursday, November 17, 2016

Social Media Can Help You Find the Right Job...but You Must BE There!

Are you present, socially speaking?

It's surprising how many job seekers are still not online these day. 

Most employers now have online presence and expect you to have the same. Do you have a LinkedIn account with completed profile? How about Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?

That's where a growing number of prospective employers are searching for you. If you're not there, they can't find you.

Here's a short and telling article from The Collegian that can help get you started if you're not already up and speaking.

Click Here: Social media presence seen as tool to gain employment

By Dylan Venglar

From the article: NW Campus students learned ways to use social media to improve chances for employment in Get the Job: Social Media & Interview Skills Nov. 9.
Becky Herrera, a NW student development coordinator, covered the ways social media could be used to reinforce a resume or help get a job.