Friday, July 8, 2016

Going On A Job Interview? Ten Reasons You May Not Be Hired, Even If You Have All The Skills

Are you FULLY prepared to bring your best to the interview?

Even if you think you've aced the interview, you'll lose out if you haven't paid attention to the following sore spots:
  • You have a poor personal appearance
  • You come across as a know it all
  • You have trouble expressing yourself clearly--shaky voice, mispronunciation, bad grammar
  • You have not set a goal--for this job, or your career
  • You display a lack of self confidence
  • You don't seem very interested in the job or the interviewer
  • Your references leave a lot to be desired
  • You keep talking about 'the money'
  • Your education record is poor, sketchy, or non existent
  • You expect more than you should, way too soon
There are many more reasons the interviewer might not think you're suited for the job. So, it's important to be ready on all fronts.*

Are you ready?

*This list was taken (and paraphrased) from a list of 39 reasons I found in Sweaty Palms--The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed by H. Anthony Medley (Warner Business Books, 2005)

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