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No Limits! How To Create The Success Habit Now With The Five Not-So-Secret Secrets of True Achievement

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By Richard Kent Matthews - Career Coach

How to get rich, how to live better, how to be a nicer person, how to communicate with ease, how to get her or him or it to like you more, how to get the universe on your side, how to pray, how to meditate, how to, how to, how to...
Go to your local bookstore or check out and there they are, often by the dozens, sometimes by the hundreds. Books--printed, audio, Kindle, iPad--of every stripe on how to be better, have more, do more, get more. And, fortunately or unfortunately, I've read at least 300 of them. Have they helped? Hindered? Neutral?
In all my reading and studying of self-help and metaphysical materials over the past 35 or so years, five basic principles have emerged. They're simple, powerful, and have been around a lot longer than any of the books I found them in, whether Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins, Queen Latifah, or any of the well-known gurus wrote or recorded them. They are older than the Bible, the Qur'an, the Buddhist texts, the Hindu texts, and the Tao Te Ch'ing. They've been around ever since humans began to develop civilizations. 

Why? Because they work. And we have been practicing them more than we haven't, interestingly enough, for thousands of years.

What About the Dire Warnings? 

I know that it seems like we've been consciously avoiding them, especially when you hear all the bad news coming across TV, radio, and Internet these days. But, lest we forget, all the dire warnings are for ratings and profit. We needn't--and mustn't--take them too seriously.
Here are the five principles that have been the glue of culture since its dawn. Take them or leave them. It's always your call.  But if you take them to heart and into practice, get ready for some changes. I won't tell you what the changes will be but I guarantee you won't be the same for much longer if you take up my challenge:

Practice these five principles for 60 days, with gusto, enthusiasm and commitment. And then, simply watch.

  1. Become a better giver. Don't think you have to feel any certain way when you're giving. Just give at every opportunity. And this isn't just about money. You're establishing a new habit pattern here, a new practice.

  2. Become a better receiver. Allow yourself to receive any gift in any form that comes your way. Depending upon your personality, this might be more difficult than giving. We've been told that receiving is selfish. Nonsense.

  3. Lose your sense of victimhood. Do you need a lot of detail here? I think not. You know when you're feeling sorry for yourself. Just for 60 days, don't. Easier said than done? Oh, most definitely. Self pity is a nasty habit. Break it and you'll become a new person.

  4. Trust the universe. (Or God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna--whomever you claim to believe in.) This may seem a bit abstract so let me put it into very simple terms here. Pretend that the universe, nature, your god has your best interests at heart. Just pretend. Then live from that pretense for 60 days. It won't be pretense for long.

  5. Laugh more. Laughter has a way of changing the brain as well as the mind. It's a physical healer. Just remember not to laugh at, but with, other people. Joy, in and of itself, is a good sign of the successful life.
A secret formula? Hardly. But it's easy to forget these principles when life seems to be dragging us down or we're having financial, career, or relationship troubles.
If you take on this 60-day challenge, commit to it, and live it, two things will happen: You'll develop new habits of mind and action. That alone will alter your path. And your heart will open to new possibilities. Can't be helped. That's what these principles do. And here's the kicker:
  • You will be different. And when you're different, your world is different.
It's always your choice. You can cling to your excuses, or get up and get moving in a new and exciting direction.
One last bit of info for you to digest...
You only have one true asset and that is time. Discretionary time is the true wealth. How are you using your wealth? Feeling sorry for yourself, not taking the risks that could open up all kinds of new vistas for you to behold? Or are you waking up daily with a new resolve to live life to its fullest? Only you know the answers. 

Now you know how to do it. All the self help stuff boiled down to its essence. It cannot be--and never will be--simpler.
"The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out." Prov. 18:15

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