Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bad Words! Stop-You-Dead Affirmations That Are Controlling Your Life

Something Eastern always seems wise...

What the hell have you been affirming? Because it sure is showing in your life!
So, you think affirmations don't work, or at least not as well as you'd like? Well, guess again. The affirmations you use the most are working in your life all the time. They are manifesting exactly as you proclaim them. Why? Because you believe them.

Unfortunately, here are the ones you use probably more than any others. They have served you in the very ways you think you wouldn't like. But you keep repeating them and consequently, you keep reaping--and perhaps suffering from--their sometimes overwhelming results:
  • That won't work.
  • I/we can't afford it.
  • It's never been done before.
  • Let's form a committee.
  • Here we go again!
  • We're not ready.
  • There isn't time!
  • My/our family/friends/organization/church/school/spouse won't like/try/do it.
  • It's hard/difficult/impossible.
  • I'm/we're scared.
  • I'm too fat/lazy/old/ugly/stupid/ignorant.
  • I don't want to.
These are the "stop you dead" affirmations, or the Deadlies. You use a few of them, sometimes many of them, every day, sometimes every hour. What are you going to do about it?

As long as you continue to use these Deadlies, you will continue to manifest them. So, my most intense advice:


Caution: Replacing them with what I call the Sweetie Affirmations (I am wonderful, clever, powerful) won't work because you don't believe them yet. The best way to change a negative affirmation is to act differently. Action. Soon you'll be affirming in new and powerful ways. Without even thinking about it. The old Deadlies will fall away. You'll be a new person, actively creating what you really want.

It's that simple. Not easy. But simple. Like with any new exercise, when you begin to move in new ways, the body resists a bit until it gets used to the changes. Same with your mind. As you decide to speak differently--to yourself and to the world--you will need to be persistent. 

Change is difficult. And as you act in new unfamiliar ways, you can expect to make slow progress. It's guaranteed, as long as you keep at it. 

You can and will change your direction. And that will change not only your outcomes, but your inner levels of joy, courage, and success. 

The best to you!

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