Friday, August 5, 2016

Volunteering: Helps Them, Helps You!

I escorted this lively group from SilverCrest Manor to the Portland Art Museum 
for the Native Fashion Show and more, Thursday, August 4, 2016.

One of the best ways to shore up and increase your professional portfolio and resume is through volunteering.

I volunteer with Ride Connection, a great organization in Portland, Oregon, that advocates for the public transportation needs of seniors and people with disabilities. We do one on one travel training and also escort groups of folks from local senior centers, low income retirement communities, and community centers on outings to local fun spots. They get to not only enjoy the outings, but also learn more about their rights and privileges in using Portland's premiere transportation system.

If you've been job hunting for a while, getting a bit depressed because the right job has not yet popped up for you, you might consider volunteering. It not only brightens up your resume, but gives you added experience and maybe even a new outlook. 

I suggest going to You'll find nearly every kind of position possible. And you can narrow it down to your local community.

No need to sit around feeling sorry for yourself because the best job has not yet come your way. Get out, get involved, and watch how the landscape will change for you.

Besides, we need you.

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