Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bang! You're Hired

Two things that will DEFINITELY keep you from getting the interview, let alone, the job: 
  • Lying on your resume, curriculum vitae, or in person.
  • Not having enough information on the company to which you are applying. (In other words, lack of preparation.)
"A key part of the interview process is preparation--researching the company, industry, and position, preparing pertinent questions, being ready to sprinkle your knowledge into the conversation. So failing to do any of this will not impress most interviewers." Ron Fry, 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions (25th Anniversary Issue, 2016, Career Press)

I'm sure you already understand the dangers of lying. (For some crazy reason, you almost always get found out!) But not knowing much about the company--lack of preparation--places you in a precarious, shaky position. 

"Why is this person even applying here if they don't know what the hell we do?" says almost every single person who is interviewing you.

Take the time to do your research. Go online, Google the company, the CEO, the Human Resources department, the products, the services. Chances are, you'll find gobs of info just waiting for you to discover. So, discover it. Learn as much as possible. Know with whom you are dealing.

That impresses the hell out of 99% of your interviewers. It will give them the notion that you know what you're talking about, that you have initiative, and that you arrived prepared.  

When they feel you care enough to do your research, it can mean you'll care enough to do a great job for the company...and for them.

Research the company. Do your homework. Arrive on time, prepared, dressed right, and enthusiastic. 

Bang! You're hired.

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