Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Questions Your Interviewer Is Sure to Ask You. Are You Ready?

Relax! They're nervous, too!
Although interviewers ask a lot of questions, there are some basic ones you need to prepare for. Rehearse as much as possible! 

As a career coach specializing in interview prep and rehearsal, I spend a lot of time studying what kind of questions employers and recruiters are most likely to ask you. 

Not everyone will ask the exact same questions but you can bet the following ones will show up in some form during your interview. Preparing for them can give you a definite advantage. Being unprepared? Well, you just won't be unprepared, right?

I found this particular version of the usual questions in Michael Travis' recent book, Mastering the Art of Recruiting (2015, Praeger/ABC-CLIO). The book is aimed at employers and recruiting companies but you can get a strong leg up by rehearsing your answers to the questions. And not just once. Rehearse as often as possible before you actually face the person, panel, or Skype screen for the real interview.

  • When did you begin and end [your most recent] job?
  • Tell me about the business so I can put your work in (sic) context.
  • Why did you join the company?
  • How did you fit into the organization?
  • What were the challenges you faced when you joined?
  • Did you make changes to your team?
  • What did you accomplish?
  • How did you perform against your key metrics?
  • Why did you leave?

Granted, there will be a lot more questions than these. But it's important to nail the basics first.

In future posts, I'll share more questions with you so you can practice. It never hurts to have someone be your practice interviewer.

Keep calm, know your own history, do thorough research on the company you're applying to, find out who'll do the interview and Google them, and dress for the job you're seeking. 

Best of luck and success to you on the new job.

(If you need prep and/or rehearsal and live in the Portland metro area, I can help. Connect with me - Richard Kent Matthews - )

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