Saturday, July 23, 2016

Outstanding! Get the Better Job by Increasing Your Skill Set

The job is yours...if you have the right skills. Do you?

I'm at the bookstore. The 'Careers-General' section has, oh, about 250 books, both new and used, for me to scan. Then, to my left is the 'Interviews' section. Another 50 or 60 titles. Up above, resumes. And next to them, cover letters.

Now I notice up above all that is the employment test section. You can study these enormous volumes to help you pass those weird tests Human Resources departments and head hunters will no doubt be throwing at you.

A bit further on are the college entrance exam books, the government testing books, and the women's only section with titles like 'You're As Good As He Is,' and 'Don't Let Jockey Shorts Stop Your Career.'

I've read a lot of these kinds of books, and I do mean a lot. Probably 100 or more. But it doesn't scratch the surface of all that is available. So much to learn, so little time!

Is it any wonder that the average job seeker will be more likely to increase the jitters and nervousness after looking over this enormous amount of reading material? And which is the best choice? Too many choices is not always a good thing.

What to do....

Consider this: The US currently has more than five million job openings. Sounds like good news...and it is, But there is also a down side. Many if not most of the jobs require skills that  a lot of job seekers don't have. If you're a skilled worker, say, in computer programming or other hi tech industries, you are golden. If you are not so skilled, there is still hope--if you're willing to do what's necessary.

Here's a helpful article I found on the Upwork blog that might be just the inspiration you need to rebuild or increase your skill set:

How To Improve Your Skills and Advance Your Career

By: Steve Bynghall

After you finish reading, come back and share what you think about it.  

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