Monday, July 4, 2016

Are You Trustworthy? Your Next Employer Wants to Know

Your skills, talent, and personality are your 'product.' And you're trying to 'sell' them. Are they worth buying?

You have great skills, your experience is broad and deep, and your references impeccable. You can sing and dance better than most. 

Still, even with everything that recommends you, your prospective employer wants to know how trustworthy you are. Begin from the first moment to show your reliability and credibility by making sure you take these action steps:
  • Dress appropriately
  • ALWAYS be on time
  • Before you enter the 'space,' turn off your various electronic devices, especially your cell phone
  • Give a good handshake; make good eye contact
  • Start with, and maintain, a positive attitude
  • Know what you're talking about (Have you done your research about the company?)
  • LISTEN well (This is KEY!)
  • Ask researched and powerful questions
  • Share success stories that not only show your skills, but how those skills can help the new employer (WIIFM = What's in it for me? and the interviewer is wondering that about you through the entire process)
  • Be sure to thank not only the interviewer(s) but all peripheral staff who have been of any service to you. Receptionists, other employees, etc. And always follow up with a well constructed thank you note when you leave.
When you are seeking a new job, you are, in essence, a sales person. And your interviewer is, or represents, the buyer.

Bring your best to the table. You often will be the only one being interviewed who will do so. 

More than just about anything, your prospective employer wants to be able to trust you. 

Is your 'product' worthy?

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