Saturday, December 12, 2015

Europe and Its Debt to the Native Americans, North, Central, South

If you believe in the 'righteousness' of capitalism, I highly
recommend you read this slightly edited speech to European heads of state by a representative of South American indigenous communities:

I, Guaicaipuro Cuatemoc, have come to meet with the participants at this meeting. Here, I, descendent of those who have lived in [the Americas] for 40,000 years, have come to meet with those who met us 500 years ago.

My brothers, the European userers, ask me to repay a debt of treachery from a Judas I never authorized to put me up for collateral. My brother, the European hypocrite, explains to me that all debts must be paid with interest even while he buys and sells human beings and entire countries without their consent.

Proven it is, in the archives of Native peoples, by paper upon paper, receipt upon receipt, and signature upon signature, that between the years 1503 and 1660 there arrived at San Lucas de Barrameda* [Spain] 185,000 kilos of gold and 16,000,000 kilos of silver from the Americas. Those...kilos of gold...[and]...silver should be seen as the first of many, many friendly loans from the Americas toward European development. The contrary would be to assume war crimes [against the Europeans] and not only immediate recompense, but indemnity for damages, pain, and suffering.