Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Understanding Muhammad

Today, in Paris, a number of armed, masked gunman killed 10 people, mostly journalists, in revenge for what they considered 'blasphemous cartoons against the Prophet.'

The following was posted on one of Facebook news sites and should be carefully considered by both Muslims and non Muslims alike:

Apparently the killers shouted "Mohammed has been avenged." Let us decipher this ill-founded treatment.

The Prophet was mistreated on a daily basis. His signed treaties with Makkah were betrayed, he was stoned, verbally abused, property bedraggled, fr
iends tortured, and worse horrors than a bigoted magazine. Not once did he retaliate with murder. The only act of war which directly followed these hostilities was the Battle of Badr, and even that started at the behest of Makkans who chased after him when he migrated.

The Prophet explicitly said "take the moderate road" and "avoid extremism." To kill in return for images? That is the very definition of extremism. If your faith was really as strong as you claimed it to be, you would know there would be accountability at a better place and a better time. For all.

If anyone feels this twisted plot with innocents involved fulfills any notion of "revenge", please reevaluate your feelings. It is easy to feel that way, but we should not.

Aggression is never the answer.