Sunday, October 12, 2014

Surprise! The Universe Likes You....

You Are More Important Than You Might Think... 
If all the insects were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, the rest of life on this planet would follow very shortly. But if humanity were to disappear tomorrow, the rest of life on the planet would thrive. Or so say the scientists.
How's that for knocking our arrogance down a bit?
There is a major difference between arrogant selfishness and a healthy self-interest. You are born with an inherent drive to survive. Naturally, you want things your way. And if you're still alive, you've gotten everything your way. Surprised?

We're all in the same position. Those who survive have literally gotten everything their way, no matter the mindset that says, "I'm a victim." Or "Nothing ever goes my way." Or "Nobody loves me, I'm not good enough, life is unfair." One more surprise, perhaps even a bit of a shock: the world can take you out any time it wants to. It is through the benevolence of the people, the animals, the insects, the bacteria, the viruses, the weather, timing, the planets, the sun, the galaxy, and the universe itself that you remain to read this little article today.
It appears we owe a much greater debt of gratitude than we might previously have thought. But it is quite possible that we wouldn't have had the chance to exist here if you and I didn't have something to offer. The universe brought us into existence because it either needed or wanted us here. Too much to swallow? It's all due to blind chance? Perhaps. But we're here, fulfilling some purpose. Or we wouldn't be here. We might even present a kind of evolutionary advantage.
It may well be that the universe needs our talents, our gifts, our ability to love. Maybe the universe just wouldn't be the same without us. Maybe the world wouldn't thrive as much without us as the scientific experts might suspect.
Maintaining any sense of personal victimhood stands in the way of your precious resources manifesting to their fullest. So, if you are willing, declare yourself--right now, in this moment--to be the contribution the universe brought you into existence to be, even if you're not certain of what that even means. Accept consciously that, wherever you are most needed, will be revealed to you. Reaffirm that idea daily. Soon, you'll begin to believe it. And then, watch out. There'll be no stopping you.

The world, the universe, all of us, await your decision. Arrogant or not, you may be the one that changes everything. Indeed, you are the contribution.

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