Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Your Job is to Make Mistakes: Make Them Often, Make Them Well, Make Them Wisely

So, you've had a rough day...
“While one hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” Henry C. Lusk
Talk about fun. I have been contributing to a thread on Facebook about whether life has meaning or not. Is there really a God? Do we give everything its meaning? Is the universe an energetic blank slate? No one really has The Answer but the answers keep coming.
In the mean time, the whole game has spawned an article in me. No ultimate answer or anything. Just a thought or two…
“I know that chances are that it’s quite possible to think that maybe the universe has no meaning unless we give it or there is a Universal Source or not.” No, that isn’t the article sub-title. Rather, it’s the crux of the Facebook thread. Bizarre, eh?
Where is this going? With all the discussion about Ultimate Reality—on Facebook and everywhere—perhaps, by admiring rather than disliking your mistakes, you can come to a more enlightened opinion, sense, decision—whatever—about the direction your life may be taking. 

Does it have meaning?
You’ve made both large and small mistakes in your thinking, your acting, your craving for attention, your job, your religion. That’s a no-brainer and it’s OK. So have the rest of us. And we’re living the results. Let’s make some new ones together and perhaps discover a solution or two as well. You won’t be an angel at the end, but you’ll be a little closer to heaven, guaranteed.