Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Do We Really Exist?

From St. Jimmy at Captain Cynic Philosophy Forum...

Think about this: 

-An atom has no intelligence, becasue it is just a collection of tiny tiny particles held together by magnetism. 

-An atom does not need any food, drink, nutrition to keep living. 

-An atom cannot die because matter cannot be created nor destroyed, and an atom is not "alive". 

Everyone can accept this. 

Now the confusing part.  Every single one of us is made up of atoms, an yet we 

-need nutrition 
-have intelligence 

How does this work out???

(Thanks, St. Jimmy. Quite a thought. If anyone ever comes up with a true answer*, we will share it here, without hesitation. In the mean time, may we each be nudged to do the least harm and the most good while we stumble along, seeking truth from wherever it may come, following it wherever it may lead.)

*At Captain Cynic Philosophy Forum, there are some attempts at an answer to these questions. It's up to you to decide of any of those answers pass muster.