Sunday, April 29, 2012

So, What's Stopping You? Oh, That...

You can create a personal world of wonderful experiences. You can laugh and run and jump and play. You can help and serve and share and lead. Yes. You can do these things. You might have a physical disability that prevents you from doing some of the more active processes, but no matter. You can be of value to this world, to your community. Unless...

You're feeling sorry for yourself.

Turns out, self pity is the Number One Block to almost every good thing you would want in your life. From powerful relationships to an exciting professional life to profound and meaningful service; from a heathy body to a heathy mind to a grateful spirit. Everything.

How do you turn your sorry state around? It's not especially easy, but it is worth the effort. Here's how to begin:

First, make a commitment to stop complaining...about everything, including yourself. Nasty habit, complaining.

Second, end criticism in all its forms. Difficult? You bet. Pity parties thrive on criticism, do they not? 

Finally, take your mind off yourself and put it on others. Make the decision to be a world server. Open your heart and mind to all the amazing possibilities for service that are available in your community. Why? Because when you're involved in service, you don't have as much time to sink into misery. Right?

This is just a beginning. But with practice and commitment, you will see your entire outlook brighten, your relationships thrive, and your life become the joy you want it to be. You deserve it. 

See? You're feeling better already!