Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Truth About Gratitude: It's Not What You Might Think...

Are you grateful? Let's find out.

It's been said that...

> Grateful people have a sense of maturity. They motivate themselves rather than always waiting to be motivated by outside sources, though they are willing to receive what resonates with them. They challenge assumptions, especially their own. They assess their own abilities and take calculated risks.

> Grateful people make time work FOR them rather than against them. They inspire others to action and have a sense of playfulness. They know the benefits—and the pitfalls—of a positive mental attitude. They make common sense common practice. They know that relationships are based on good communication, that listening is the most important skill.

> Grateful people are energized by, not frightened by, change and can snap back from slumps. They’re willing to do what it takes to reach greater heights. They realize that life is not necessarily fair, that the hustle never ends, but that the benefits ultimately outweigh the drawbacks. 

> Grateful people know that they are already successful. And they understand the Number One  Principle of Life—compassion, which simply means to do the least harm, and to help where they can.

> Grateful people count their blessings. They see the gift in everything, rather than the penalty or the loss. It can be tough, but behind every adversity, there is gift waiting to be acknowledged.

> Finally, grateful people have a sense of humor; they don't it all so seriously. And they know that laughter heals.

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