Sunday, July 15, 2012

Five Great Ideas for Your Nonprofit Blog

By Patrick T Langley (Guest author)

Even the best writers have trouble coming up with ideas... You don't want to overwhelm the page with bland details and short blurbs. The goal is to give supporters a reason to keep coming back. If you're stumped on what to write about for your nonprofit blog, look no further....

1. Involve your staff

Bloggers aren't expected to be Hemingway, so even if the folks on your staff don't consider themselves writers, they can contribute.

Approach staff members who work out in the field putting donations to use, and ask them to write as much as they feel comfortable with. Their blog entries can include funny anecdotes, touching stories, or even lists about topics relevant to your cause. The staff at an environmental nonprofit, for example, might have camping or hiking tips. The point is to find the talent in your organization, and put it to use.

2. Review and recommend books or movies

This is another one you can pick the brains around your office for. Put together a list of favorite cause-related books or movies among your staff, or ask for reviews of relevant media. If your cause raises money for a specific illness or disease, talk about how well the books and movies out there portray the experience. Posts like this give your supporters a window into your organization and solidify relationships.

3. Post regular updates from the director

Not only is this a pretty straightforward prospect, it gives your organization a real image of transparency. Chances are the leader of your nonprofit is at least reasonably well-spoken, too, so depending on your technical capabilities, consider making these posts in video form.

4. Interview your staff

Here you have another opportunity to create video content, and your staff may have quite a bit of fun with this one.

Create a series of posts where staff members take turns interviewing each other. Ask about their history in the nonprofit field and their specific work with your organization. If it fits your brand, you could even throw in a few silly questions just for fun. For example, if your nonprofit is a zoo or aquarium, have the interviewee explain what kind of animal he or she would most want to be, and why. You can humanize your nonprofit and your cause, and give your donors and supporters a bit of insight into the people who put their donations to use.

5. Contact those helped by your organization

Ask for permission to reprint thank you letters from those your nonprofit has helped, or find out if someone who has received assistance from your organization would be willing to sit for an interview. Giving a voice to the people who donations support can have a strong effect on donors.

Your nonprofit blog should be a group effort

Every post on your blog is a potential contact with your supporters, so the more you post, the more return you will see. That's why it's so important to get every member of your staff involved. Look to your volunteers, as well. You may find more folks out there with the writing bug than you think, and everyone loves a byline.

Just be sure to keep your posts compelling and on-topic. Quantity is important, but quality is what will win you supporter loyalty and help you turn your nonprofit blog into a long-term relationship-building endeavor.

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Article Source:  5 Great Ideas for Your Nonprofit Blog

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