Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Second Chance: If You Could Do It All Again, Would You Change Anything?

Once more, with gusto!

I like surveys. So this one really caught my attention.

A survey of 200 people over 60, taken not too long ago, asked this question:

If you were given the opportunity to live your life over, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently the second time around?

The answers were telling, indeed, but not all that surprising. Only a very small percentage said they would do it exactly the same. But the larger part of the participants answered in these ways, not necessarily in order of importance to the individuals:
I would...

  • Take time to find out what I really wanted to do with my life and live my dreams. (Many thought they had not found their true purpose.)
  • Take more risks. (Some even said that 'playing it safe' had been a cop-out.)
  • Lighten up; laugh more. (Taking everything so seriously has taken its toll, they said.)
  • Be more patient. (Turns out, they would have gotten to where they were going anyway so why be so agitated?)
  • Be more open to others, less prejudiced and fearful. (They've learned that everyone is valuable.)
  • Live more in the present moment. (Worrying about the future was one of the biggies!)
  • Be more compassionate to others and to myself. (Many were acutely aware of the pain they had caused others as well as themselves.)

Bonnie Pruden wrote, "You can't turn back the clock; but you can wind it up again."What will you add to this list? What will you do to wind up your own clock? Can you begin now, in this moment, to live life on your own terms, by your own rules? Or will you continue along your present path, looking to others--like this post--to tell you what to do? It's your call. Always has been.

You still have time to offer to the world your very best. Don't let excuses, fear, and procrastination stop you from stepping out, stepping up, and moving forward. You still have time. Use it wisely. But use it.

"Don't leave this world with songs unsung." Ernie Zelinski

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