Saturday, June 9, 2012

Executive Sweets: How to Literally Double Your Success, Simply...

What is your most important business asset? Your success depends on the right answer...

“Executive,” as you know by now, is more than a title. It’s an environment. You now appear distant to most of those in your organization. Your job, then, along with all the other responsibilities you have acquired since moving into that corner office, is to communicate, to inspire, and to foster optimism. Read all the books, watch all the Power Point presentations on how to go about doing that. Then, come back to these simple suggestions:
  • Demonstrate excellence. How you proceed through your professional day will set a tone. You want it to be a good one.  You are the example, not the exception.
  • Set high standards for the moment-by-moment activities as well as for the new projects. You will help your staff think beyond the status quo.
  • Reinforce high performance with enthusiasm. Encourage your people to look for and present new ideas. Sincerely praise their efforts.
  • Challenge the negative outlooks while identifying the risks and their consequences. Fear spreads. Cut it off at the pass!
  • Let your people know that there are no failures. Mistakes will be made, to be sure. But they provide necessary feedback and open the door to the next steps.
It’s within your power to create an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and a greater level of comfort. When you’re trustworthy, you encourage those with whom you work to become trustworthy as well. And when people feel that they count, that they matter, and that they are heard, the stage is set for a new level of success.

You are the model. Choose to be a great one. 

"The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear."     Socrates

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