Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thinking of Hiring a Consultant? Read This...

" Trust me. I know!"
Sometimes we need help. And often, it reaches a point where we consider bringing in someone from the outside to get a more 'unbiased' view of the situation. Enter The Expert. The Brains. The Consultant.

Before you hire--whether your organization is for profit or not for profit--you need to have as much information about the consultant and consultancy as possible. Especially if what you want is a successful outcome!

This nifty article by Evan Klonsky, in Inc. online magazine, will give you some good tips in securing outside help, if in fact you actually need that help. An excerpt will get you started... 

Getting the Most out of Consultants: Don Your Detective Cap

No matter how in-depth your initial interview with a potential consultant, you're going to want to know more. One simple trick to using interview time efficiently is that since he or she is technically an "expert" in a given field, the consultant should be able to present a convincing argument about the value to be added to your organization. Just ask them for their pitch about why working with them would benefit your business.

Click here for the entire article: How To Get The Most Out Of Consultants

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